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Naslov Mobile phone market in Slovenia 2000
Leto 2000


The telephone survey conducted at the beginning of the December (sample n=2096) shows that the penetration of mobile telephones approaches 60% of the Slovenian population 10-75 years (and around 55% of the total population). The penetration also reached three-quarters of the households. In future slower growth can be expected as in the developed Western European countries the share of mobile penetration has leveled off at 70 to 80 %.

There are 1.200.000 mobile phone connections in Slovenia. The estimate includes sampling error, so the standard (5%) confidence interval is around 40-50.000 in each direction.

Among the operators the highest share of mobile phone users – expressed as the brand of the principal mobile telephone subscription – belongs to Mobitel, namely 81 %. The largest number of the mobile telephone users use the prepaid Mobi package (42 %), 39 % are subscribers at Mobitel GSM and less than 1 % are subscribers to analog NMT Mobitel network. Simobil has 14 % market share, with 10 % of the prepaid Halo package and 4 % with GSM subscribers. Debitel GSM has 5 % market share.

Most of the users, a little more than two-fifths, use the brand Ericsson of the mobile device, which is followed by the brand Nokia.

Very popular are the SMS messages, used by three-quarters of mobile telephone users.  There are some indications of the breakthrough of WAP protocol, as a quarter of mobile phones users are considering its use and 3 % already use it.

Approximately 10 % of the Slovenian population 10-75 years consider buying a new mobile phone connection in next six months. Three fifths of them are buying their first mobile phone and two-fifths already own a phone and are buying an additional one.  In addition, another 10 % of the population that already own a mobile phone intend to replace their current device with a new one in the period of the next six months.

The majority of the respondents that intend to buy either a mobile phone connection or a new device do not yet know which brand of mobile phone or which operator will they choose. However, the existing users prefer operator Mobitel, while with the new users the Simobil has almost an equal share among intended buyers of the prepaid packages. Among the devices the brand Nokia seems to be the predominant choice for the future buyers. Nokia has also the highest brand loyalty.

Among the population segments the age group from 10 to 25 years has the highest penetration of use of mobile phones. The lowest penetration of the use of mobile phones can be found in the segment of pensioners (38%), housewives (51%) and farmers (56%). The segments also differ by future intentions.