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Banks and Insurance Companies are Keen to Leverage IT Innovations, but Where do they Start?


Consumers are becoming “smarter” every day. From smart phones to smart houses, people are embracing the interactive experience—using the humble mobile phone, for instance, to call home, switch on the lights, and program the TV. Financial services companies are ready and willing to raise their game in this new smart age, but where do they start?

Information technology (IT) has always been a strategic issue for financial services firms, which have long deployed foresight and dollars to make sound IT decisions.

However, the IT imperative is evolving. In every industry, the speed of IT innovation is challenging companies to settle quickly and decisively on those technologies that will truly create value for their business going forward. While many financial services firms have developed a robust track record of adopting a wide range of technology-enabled products and services and even being aggressive first-movers, the ever-accelerating wave of IT innovations renews and raises to an unprecedented level the need to pinpoint the new IT blockbusters, at the right time.



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