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To offer services of value in consulting, technology and outsourcing, Capgemini needs a good grasp of information technology. Technology today—to master its complexities and translate it into competitive advantages today. Technology tomorrow—to anticipate its evolution and prepare the services of value tomorrow. With TechnoVision 2012, Capgemini responds to the demands, and the expectations, of our clients: Tell us how you see technology evolving. Where should we invest? What is the best information technology strategy for our business? These questions are increasingly difficult to answer, for two main reasons. First, information technology is mushrooming, fueled by the imagination of tens of

millions of new users every year, the global opportunities and pressures corporations have to cope with, and the growing appetite of public administrations for competitive tools. Second, rates of adoption are even less predictable than in the past: The weight of decades of investments can slow down the spread of new technologies, but Internet users create new standards in a few months, not years.

Capgemini’s TechnoVision 2012 pursues two objectives. The first objective is to provide a clear picture of the information technologies that are the most relevant to users—individuals or organizations. TechnoVision proposes a taxonomy that is the result of years of work by the network of Capgemini’s chief technology officers, and depicts the impact of the evolution of these information technologies. This is covered in section 2, which examines “The Seven Clusters of TechnoVision 2012.”

The second objective is to shed light on how these technologies and their evolution will impact business. TechnoVision proposes its matrix as the tool to explore the increasingly close relationships between business and technology. This is covered in section 3, “From Information Technology to Business Technology.”



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