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Cars Online 07/08 continues the detailed analysis of the changing patterns of consumer demand, shopping trends, web usage and customer loyalty that we have uncovered over the past eight years. This year, however, we have broadened the scope to explore in greater detail environmental issues, including fuel-efficient and alternative-fuel vehicles, as well as

consumer use of new online tools, such as weblogs, discussion forums and search engines. These additional areas of focus reflect changes in today’s automotive landscape. The industry is clearly in transition, with static sales in almost all developed markets; growing pressure from Asian manufacturers; eroding customer loyalty; and increased emphasis on environmental and regulatory compliance. Consumer behaviour will be a primary force in determining how this transition will evolve. Getting closer to the customer in today’s

highly competitive landscape is essential for the entire industry and is no longer just a retail issue. It requires all organisations across the supply chain to work as a single enterprise, sensing and responding rapidly to consumer demand in a co-ordinated manner.

Fuel economy is as important a factor in a consumer’s choice of vehicle as are safety and reliability.

New online tools such as search engines, automotive blogs and web forums are becoming key information sources for vehicle buyers.

Consumers are going “green.”

Vehicle buyers want their  information fast. And if they don’t get it, they will switch dealers, brands or both.

Personalised communications have a significant impact on repurchase decisions.



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