Naslov Future-proofing Customs' IT and business processses
Leto 2008

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A new architecture to support European Customs’ business and IT transformation.

The world of Customs is changing rapidly. New global legislation and national regulations, and vanishing borders now characterize Europe. Paperless working and the introduction

of logistical, risk management and straight-through processing principles are having an enormous impact on Customs organizations. Now, more than ever before, Customs are part of

the logistical chain between manufacturers and consumers of goods, and Customs processes are being restructured to better facilitate trade. Within this environment, there is tight collaboration and information sharing between Traders, Customs, Harbor Authorities and Airport Authorities in Cargo Control Centers. By using business intelligence on enterprises and cargo organizations, Customs are also striving for more efficient goods inspection and stringent Public Security (Border Control and Intelligence) with a focus on international goods




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